Wireless Charger Receiver

Make your phone capable of Qi wireless charging with this ultra compact receiver. Available in 3 different types.




This wireless charger receiver givez my phone the capability to wirelessly charge my phone with Qi wireless charging standard. Ultra thin design (0.6mm), compact and portable, without increasing additional weight of the mobile, this ultra thin design has fast charger versionz that do not interfere any other functionz of the phone. The wireless charging will still work even if I have my protective case on my phone. I just place your smart phone down on the pad and charging startz. Even if my device is not compatible with any QI wireless charging pad with this adapter I can add a receiver to  make it Qi compatible. I simply line up the metal connectors and plug it in. Ultra-thin close, it can also be fitted with any case or cover I like. Available in 3 styles: iPhone, Micro USB (A), and Micro USB (B).  This adapter is made for Apple iPhones and any Micro USB device. I can seamlessly add Qi wireless charging capability to my phone or tablet. It’s as easy as plugging in the receiver!

Additional information

Dimensions 6.7 × 3.6 × 0.06 cm

iPhone, Micro USB (A), Micro USB (B)



Ultra-thin Design

0.6mm Ultra-thin design.





Receiving Voltage

DC 5V/1A

Charging Voltage

DC 5V/680mA


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