VR Viewer

Turn your cellphone into a Virtual Reality headset with this lightweight VR Viewer!


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Escape to a different reality with this lightweight and affordable VR viewer! Compatible with most mobile devicez this headset deliverz an amazing virtual reality experience all controlled and operated by my cellphone! With the wide array of VR programz available for free on my phone I can melt away into whatever virtual experience I choose at the time, forgetting all the stresses of my normal life. Tons of fun to play around with and astound your friendz this VR headset can provide endless hourz of entertainment without me having to go anywhere. The package includes a Bluetooth remote controller so all I needed to get started waz my phone! Begin new and exciting adventurez today with these amazing Virtual Reality Glasses!

Additional information

Dimensions 20 × 14 × 13 cm

White and Black

Suitable Smartphones

3.5-6inch smartphones




Based on the film source

Visual Angle

70-80 degrees

Focal Length



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