Monopod Walking Stick with Foot Pedal

Take amazing and steady photographs with your phone using this lightweight monopod with a stability foot pedal.



Lightweight and portable, I have found that this monopod is my best friend when I am out on the go and taking picturez with my phone. It is easy to carry and extendable so I can adjust it at the perfect height. The fold down foot pedal insurez that my camera or phone has ultimate stability while I am taking the photo leaving a crisp and clear image. Easy to travel with and great to use spontaneously this monopod also double as a walking stick while I am out hiking. It even comes with a canvas carrying bag! With non-slip rubber foot and a nail foot interchangeable for different conditions I can use my monopod in all conditionz year round! The quick release leg locks make it super easy to adjust the height of the walking stick at any time and with 360 degree rotation taking photos is a breeze. With a phone attachment I can take beautifully clear photoz from my phone wherever I go using this convenient large monopod. A great addition to my photography gear this versatile monopod is great when I am using heavy duty and high caliber lenses on my phones camera. Get a professional camera set up with this extremely useful and portable Large Monopod with Stability Foot Pedal.

Additional information

Weight 0.600 kg




Head Included


Head Type

Ball Head


360 Degree Rotation, Foot pedal for stability, Reversible Center Post, With Case



To Fit:

Binoculars, Camcorder, Camera, Telescope, Phone holder

Maximum Height

173 cm

Minimum Height


Maximum Tube


Net Weight


Loading Capacity



Aluminum Alloy


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