CD Clamp Phone Holder

Put that old CD player to use in your car and convert it to a handy, phone holder!


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 No matter what bumpy roadz I take this cell phone holder slidez into my cars CD drive to form ultimate stability while I drive! It is the most secure and stable phone holder for my car that I have ever found! With this new type of holder for my car I can take that CD drive I never use anymore and turn it into a handy cell phone holder. With a length of 12 cm this holder slipz into the CD slot for astounding stability and security with a incredibly low rate of falling out or moving around. Even when I’m driving on unpaved roadz I never have to worry about my cell phone falling or blocking my line of sight. With its small size the CD Phone Holder is easy for me to carry and install in any of my carz that has a CD slot.  The holder can also be mounted and removed with ease, so I can take it in most vehicles. With a stretch range of 5.5 cm – 10 cm the CD Clamp Phone Holder practically universal, holding any phone up to 10 cm in width. If you want a super secure and stable phone holder for your car then I highly recommend the CD Clamp Phone Holder. Put that CD drive back to use!

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 12 × 9.4 cm



CD Slot Car Phone Holder


ABS Plastic


6.5 inch smart phones or smaller

Adjustable Width

Stretch range 5.5cm-10cm



Car Holder


Bicycle Holder


Has Speaker



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