3D Holograph Projector

The future is here! Now you can project holographic designs from your tablet or phone!


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I turned my smart phone into a miniature hologram projector and you can too! With this simple pyramid design I can project hologramz from my smart phone or tablet. I simply attach the pyramid to my phone using the provided suction cup and I’m ready to start playing a pseudo-hologram with my smart phone!  With tons of videos available on youtube, this is a fascinating way to get a glimpse into the future. Made of durable PET plastic with a holographic film, this Hologram Projector works best in a darkened room and bright screen to create crisp, 360 degree images. Compatible with all brandz of smart phone this hologram projector comes in a simple, easy to use flat-folding design so I can take it with me anywhere. I can download holographic videoz on the internet and display tonz of amazing holographs on my tablet/phone! All I need to do is  open the holographic video and put the projector on the phone’s screen, with the provided suction cup, and a 3D holographic image will appear. Amazing! It is like I alwayz imagined the future would be. Become the future with this 3D Holographic Pyramid Projector!

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Tablet (8-12 inch), Phone (up to 7 inch)


PET Plastic




1x 3D Holographic Pyramid, 1x Suction Cup


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