2 in 1 Charge Earphone Adapter

Now I can use my old earphones with my new Apple IOS Lightning 8 pin device!


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When apple changed their design to Lightning 8 Pin charge cords I wasn’t sure how I was going to use my old headphones with the new phone design. Now I don’t have to worry, I can use my old headphonez in my new iPhone 7 with this adapter. The 2 in 1 earphone converter allowz me to plug any 3.5mm standard headphones into my new phone! As well as being able to charge my phone while listening to music, the adapter also has plug and play and strong anti jamming qualities. With theĀ 8pin male to 8pin mother +3.5mm head phone jack I can listen to music on my iPhone 7 with my favorite old headphonez!

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