Tips For Using A Clip-On Macro Lens

Tips For Using Macro Lenses

Macro lenses are great for bringing out the tiny detail and textures in the subject you are photographing. Here are a few quick tips on how to get the best image using your new macro clip on phone lens.

  1. Get Close. When taking pictures with a macro lens you want to get as close up to the subject as possible. Usually within 1 inch and up to 1.2 cm away.

  2. Eliminate Vignette. Are you getting a black ring or corners around your picture? This is known as a vignette and is easily fixed. Simply try zooming in a tiny bit on your phone to eliminate the corners of your lens getting into your picture and ruining your photos.

  3. Use a Tripod or Monopod for Stabilization. It is important to stabilize your camera to get the sharp image you are looking for. It can be difficult to take the picture without moving the camera especially with a macro lens which can appear to amplify shaking or movement. Try using a tripod or monopod to maximize the clarity and sharpness of the photo.

  4. Forget Auto-Focus. For most macro lenses auto focus is not fast or advanced enough to keep up with the macro lens or jitters and shaking that comes with the magnification. Manually adjust your focus (by tapping on the phone screen where you want the camera to focus) until you get the shot you are looking for.

  5. Consider Your Point of Focus. Try refocusing your phone several times before you take the shot to see how the focus changes the image. You can dramatically change the way your image looks by changing the point of focus.

  6. Be creative. Try to find different camera positions and creative angles to add life to your photos.

  7. Take Advantage of the Weather. Try shooting outside to get the most out of natural light sources like the sun. taking pictures in overcast weather is usually better than sunny weather as it gives the photo a softer light.

  8. Try Interesting Locations. Try your macro lens out at an interesting location like botanical gardens or outside for near perfect natural lighting. Try taking photos of bugs, insects or flowers. These subjects can end up being the most interesting or even abstract with all the unique natural detailing that your new macro lens can pick up.

  9. Raindrops. You can use your macro lens to take beautiful close up pictures of raindrops. they make a good subject as you can go in really close to show how the raindrops act as mini lenses magnifying what is underneath.

  10. Have a Proper Light Source. Having a proper light source over your subject can really improve the detail and effect of your clip on lens. With more light you have less chance of getting a blurry or noisy image. Try using a flash to light up the subject and bring out more detail. If you want to have a larger amount of your subject in focus use a flash! Remember the larger the light source the smoother and softer your photos become.

Photography is a journey. Don’t expect to get your best shot in the first try. work the scene and shoot until the resulting photo feels right. Think about how your want the world to see your image and consider the story you want your photo to tell. Most of all enjoy the fun of shooting with your new macro lens!