Tips For Using A Clip-On Wide Angle Lens

Tips For Using A Wide Angle Lens

A wide angle lens is used to get more of the scene in one image. Wide angle lenses mildly distort things and add perspective to an image. This means that objects closer to the camera appear larger than the ones farther away. Here are some quick tips for using your new clip on wide angle lens.

  1. Super Selfie. Try equipping a wide angle lens to your phone while taking a selfie to increase the amount of people that can fit into the shot. Now you can include all of your friends in the shot!
  2. Vignette. Are you getting a black ring or corners around your picture? This is known as a vignette and is easily fixed. Simply try zooming in a tiny bit on your phone to eliminate the corners of your lens getting into your picture and ruining your photos.
  3. Use Wide Angle Correctly. To use wide angle correctly you have to have something close to the lens for perspective. As soon as you can close enough to make the subject appear larger your photo will start to stand out.
  4. A Change in Perspective. With a wide angle lens any subject with straight lines will appear to converge or meet faster than the eye perceives as normal. learn to use this perspective change to your advantage when shooting with a wide angle lens.
  5. A Change in Size. A wide angle lens can change and alter the size relationship between two things in in your shot. This change can make a more interesting looking photo. Play around with angle, perspective and position to see what subtle changes you can make in your image.
  6. Stabilization. Use a monopod or tripod for stabilization. It is important to stabilize your camera to get the sharp image you are looking for. Many of us accidentally move the camera when we hit the shutter button- I know I have done that too many times to count. A tripod or monopod can ensure that your camera remains still while taking the photo and result in a more clear and sharp image.
  7. Light Source. Having a proper light source over your subject can really improve the detail and effect of your clip on lens. With more light you have less chance of getting a blurry or noisy image. The easiest and best light source I have found is the sun but even as small light source can make a huge difference in the clarity or sharpness of a picture.

Remember taking photos with a clip on wide angle lens can take some experimentation. Don’t expect to get the best shot in one try. Get creative with perspective and angle and you can take some amazing photographs with a wide angle lens. The most important thing is to have fun!