Who is Zeek?

Hey Folks. Welcome to my Gizmoz and Gadgetz.

I’m often asked how I got started is the gadget game. Well… it goes back a while but it’s kind of what you would expect.

As far back as I can remember always been kind of a nerd. I like technology and take to it easily. It’s interesting! Anyway, I’m always on the lookout for the latest and greatest gizmo out there. You should see my garage!  After a while I’ve got to sell some stuff off to make room for the next greatest thing. I used to give stuff to my friends to try our and after a while they started coming to me to find things that they were looking for. After a while it just became normal to order a few extra and sell them off to support my habit.

It was a pretty short step to go from there to a business and that’s where we are today. I search the world over for the next neat thing. Then I offer them to you.

Have a look around. Check out some of the neat things and where we’ll be set up next. I look forward to meeting you.